Day 2

Posted: July 5, 2010 by richai in Uncategorized

We have some interesting outings. We went to a few kampung (rural area) with the BAKAS unit staff. There, we’ve shown the

  1. Sistem Pelupusan Pepejal. A few methods is shown. I’m sorry to say but koo’s having the picture.It’s quite hard to explain by words.Hopefully, others might get a chance to see them too…
  2. Sistem Perlimbahan. The water from the kitchen and bathroom are filtered in a small box like area built outside the house. the the water after filtered will be transfer to a Cement built ‘reservoir’/ Koh/ Pembentong/ Gelung semen. (not sure how to translate- abv is all the names that is used to describe the same thing). Here, the water is absorbed down to the earth.
  3. Perigi Terkawal/ Controlled Well. It is used in rural areas without water supply from JBA. It’s actually a well that get their source from the earth. 5 houses will be sharing 1 well. It’s easy to operate and saves water.

That’s all for today. Again we still haven’t got our timetable……. And finishes around 12.30pm.

  1. K.A Narayan says:

    Dear Students,
    Good start to the web postings and the interaction. Keep up the blog posts. To improve interaction with faculty and between groups by live discussion we will try to use the programme DimDim. Please log into the the website and register at

    my URL is

    This will work provided you have a webcam and a high speed internet connection.
    Lets give it a try.
    Prof. Narayan

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