Day 1- 4Jul- Richai

Posted: July 4, 2010 by Team Kubang Pasu in Uncategorized

What a bad day!

The DHO staffs claims that they didn’t recieve AIMST letter.

Luckily Lynette has the copy for the letter. So. We’re mot expected by them today and so we finished at about 11am. We been introduced to the Inspectorate Sector of the DHO theretically by En. Osman bin Ali.

Below is all we’ve discuss today.

The inspectorate Sector contains the following Department:

  1. KKM: Keselamatan Kualiti Makanan- Function: Spot Checking the food Premises whether they follows the Law and legislation for SAFE food. If any pathogenic substance foung in food, the food premise’s owner will be fined or brought to court. Imported food sample is also done here. 
  2. KMAM: Kawalan Mutu Air Minum. Function: Samples from JKR or JBA or SADA (Syarikat Air Darul Aman) is tesed every week.Sorce of sample includes raw water from the loji air, treatment plant and reservoir. Tests done includes physical, chemical and microbiological tests.
  3. KPB/ CDC: Kawalan Penyakit Berjangkit. Function: To confirm suspected cases and report to MOH through notifiable forms. E-notice is checked every morning, afternoon and evening before leaving the office by officers. Disease control and investigating also carried out. 
  4. KPBV: Kawalan Penyakit Bahagian Vektor. Function: More to dengue control. There’s no malarial case here according to En. Osman. Fogging  for 200m is done if a case of dengue is reported. If there’s an outbreak,  another fogging will be done for 400m within 7-10days.
  5. Non- CDC: Kawalan Penyakit Tidak? Berjangkit….Not sure…..Function:  The operation that is carried out strictly is the anti- smoking operation. Premises selling cigerette is checked to make sure them folloeing the rules.
  6. KPAS: Kesihatan Pekerja Alam Sekitar.
  7. BAKAS: Unit Bekalan Air & Kesihatan Alam Sekitar. Function: For good water and sanition system, Clean environment, Good Rubbish collecting system.
  8. UIP: Unit Penyiasatan & Perundangan. Function: Processes all the documents that is related to the court matter. Eg: saman
  9. Unit Promosi. Function: Promoting Health by conducting carnivals, talks, campaign. Eg: PROSTAR

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