Posted: July 2, 2010 by nikolerocks in Uncategorized

Cliche title aye? Just so this blog does not appear bare and empty.


So, digressing.

Posting hasn’t started so there’s obviously nothing to blog about (yet) unless some of our members decided to document their preparation before our take off to Kubang Pasu, which is very unlikely. Was going to let Koo have the honor of officiating the blog but he decided to pass so yeah.

Anyway, check out the “About” page by clicking the link at the top of the header next to the “Home” button, if you want to. That’s basically the only page updated for now.

I’ll take off by wishing you guys the best, happy packing, drive safely, and have great fun at your designated assigned areas.


  1. Richai says:

    Just to try out. NIce job PY!

  2. drlelylubna says:

    Nice blog…keep updating !

    Try dimdim : http://www.dimdim/drlelylubna/

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